ECU Remapping

Modern cars all have an ECU (Engine Control Unit) which is essentially the car’s brain.

The ECU collects information from sensors within the engine so that it can then add the right amount of fuel, at the right time, to achieve the best fuel economy, performance and emission control.

Manufacturers use a standard ECU map but every engine should actually have its own unique map, and at MB Liverpool, our team can safely adjust this map, we can fine-tune the characteristics of the engine, increasing the power and reducing fuel consumption.

We’re registered partners with BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Land Rover and Range Rover and as such, our workshop in Liverpool is equipped with dealer-level diagnostic equipment. This means that we can safely and legally remap your car.


Examples of Gains Achieved with ECU Remapping

The gains achieved with ECU Remapping will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but here are some examples of gains we’ve seen at MB Liverpool.

MB Liverpool are pleased to provide a genuine alternative to main dealer repairs and servicing for BMW, Mercedes, MINI, Land Rover and Range Rover drivers in Liverpool, Formby, Crosby, Ainsdale, Wirral and Hoylake.

To find out more about ECU Remapping in Liverpool, contact us online or call us directly on 0151 909 4110

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